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Floorino® Surface heating

The floorino heating foil, specially designed for floating installation under laminate and parquet flooring, was first introduced in Germany in 2011 and offers a modern and efficient alternative to conventional underfloor heating systems.

The floorino heating foil is made of materials such as PET, silver and copper. It uses electricity to generate infrared radiation that heats all objects in the room, regardless of the air temperature. This property makes the film ideal for use in conservatories or permanently ventilated rooms, for example, but naturally also for use in normal rooms.

Heating is not done in the conventional way. If you want to learn more about how infrared works, visit the section "How infrared radiation works".

floorino uses the latest infrared technology, which reduces heating costs, increases living comfort and makes for a healthier life. The foil, which is only 0.34 millimetres thin, can be laid quickly and easily, is easy to use and reduces your heating costs.

floorino is simply laid between the impact sound insulation and laminate or parquet flooring, connected to the existing electrical circuit and is ready for immediate use. You can find installation instructions and helpful tips here or visit the "Installation instructions" section.

The required electricity is converted with such a high degree of efficiency that other technologies cannot keep up. Almost 90% of the energy is converted directly into infrared radiation, which in turn provides a pleasant warmth.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the floorino heating foil can be particularly well illustrated in comparison to conventional heating systems. These require approx. 30 to 50% more energy to heat a room to the desired temperature. The reason is the relatively ineffective and inefficient heating method of conventional systems. Unnecessary costs, wasted energy and increased emissions of Co² are the consequences.

Our products

floorino underfloor heating
floorino underfloor heating
floorino Thermostat TE-70 Timer
floorino Thermostat TE-70 Timer
floorino Thermostat TE-170 Timer
floorino Thermostat TE-170 Timer
floorino Thermostat TE-200
floorino Thermostat TE-200


Here you will find the most important documents for direct download. Please note that you need a PDF reader to open them. You can download it free of charge from Adobe.

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floorino® Data sheet Bootstrap
floorino® Thermostat TE70 - Manual Bootstrap
floorino® Thermostat TE170 - Manual Bootstrap
floorino® Thermostat TE200 - Manual Bootstrap
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